The Da-Dark Outside

26.09.20 | 24 hours


Da-Dark Outside was originally intended to be broadcast from The Merz Barn, the site of the unfinished dada-inspired work of German-born artist Kurt Schwitters. When Aerial was postponed in March, we took it online and it was such a success that we’re doing it again! Join us, wherever you are in the world for a 24-hour broadcast of sounds no one has ever heard before. There will be no tracklist, no listen again function, no archive. It will play once only. 

Anyone, anywhere can submit something no-one has heard before. In the spirit of Schwitters, preference will be given to the more obscure, left-of-field, weird or off the wall. Send your submission to dadarkoutside @ by Saturday 12 September 2020.

Only recordings that have never been heard before (except for maybe a handful of people) will be accepted. It can be anything – three seconds of that odd noise you heard and recorded on your phone, poetry, stories, music of any genre or genres yet to be invented, remixes that the record label rejected, rough mixes, demos, collaborations, an excuse to try something new and different from your usual style, field recordings… absolutely everything as long as nobody, or very few people have heard it.


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