The Da-Dark Outside

The Dark Outside


Merz Barn

Join us, wherever you are in the world, for a 24-hour broadcast of sounds no one has ever heard before. There is no tracklist, no listen again function, no archive. It will play once only.

The Dark Outside is a cross between a pirate radio gone rural, a silent disco and a pop-up radio station. It’s 24 hours of music that has never been broadcast before.

Under normal circumstances, listeners are invited to bring their FM radio and tune into the frequency wherever it pops up. Previous locations have included the depths of Galloway Forest and Epping Forest. Submissions come from professional musician working under under pseudonyms to first time music makers.

The Da-Dark Outside at Aerial

Originally due for broadcast from The Merz Barn in the heart of the Langdale Valley, the site of the unfinished dada-inspired work of German-born artist Kurt Schwitters, we instead bring you an online broadcast from 12 noon on 26 September 2020. We called for submissions from anyone, anywhere, with a preference given to the more obscure, left-of-field, weird or off the wall in the spirit of Schwitters.

The Da-Dark Outside broadcast has now finished. Thank you to every one who listened and thank you to everyone who submitted a track. All other Aerial commissions are still available.


The Dark Outside is created by Stuart MacLean, AKA Frenchbloke @darkoutside

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