Hayden Thorpe and Deep Throat Choir present: 2020

26.09.20 | Various times


2020 is composed by Hayden Thorpe, arranged by Heloise Tunstall-Behrens and performed by Deep Throat Choir.

2020 is a choral piece written in response to the ancient stone circle at Castlerigg. In essence it is a musical system designed in accordance with the 40 stones making up the ancient monument as well as utilising a traditional Cumbric sheep counting system in which stones are passed from one pocket to the next every 20 sheep.

20 singers stand each to every other stone and sing a designated number from one to twenty, twenty times (in the ancient Cumbric language). They then sing the next number twenty times and so on. The sonic motion is like a dial moving clockwise around. The piece will be performed at 60BPM for a total of 2020 seconds (33.6 minutes), each beat represents a year.

The audience will be asked to stand in the middle and slowly pace clockwise within the round. The ultimate aim for the piece is for the listener to experience time as a sonic duration, a sensory knowing, rather than a spacial measurement (the proximity of the earth in its orbit in the solar system).

Hayden says “2020 is a new ritual for this monumental year at a time when we must pay attention to what came before us, as custodians for what will be after us.”

2020 will be performed by Deep Throat Choir at dawn at Castlerigg Stone Circle and will make its way through the South Lakes in a series of free, public performances on Saturday 26 September.

Full details of times and locations coming soon


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